88000 Boîtier à piles AAA (Power Functions)

Ajoute encore plus de puissance à tes LEGO® Power Functions ! Donne plus de puissance que jamais à tes créations avec le boîtier à piles AAA LEGO® Power Functions ! Comporte un interrupteur de commande. Alimente 2 moteurs XL ou 4 moteurs M simultanément. 6 piles AAA (1,5 V) requises, non incluses.

The battery box is the starting point of any LEGO Power Functions (LPF) construction, which delivers power to drive the functions. The battery box has the LPF female plug, which contains the 4 connections of the LPF system: 2 for power supply and 2 for control.

The power supply of the LPF system runs unbroken throughout your entire construction, where the female plugs are the feeding plugs. This means that from any female plug you have direct connection to the power. So it works similar to the power supply of an extension cord in your house.

This battery box holds 6 AAA batteries. To get the best result you should use alkaline or rechargeable batteries.

To change the batteries, you must unscrew the two screws underneath and remove the cover. You will now be able to see the batteries. Now, replace all 6 AAA batteries (3 on each side) with fresh ones.

Battery lifetime will depend heavily on the way it is used and on the quality of the batteries. The AAA Battery box delivers up to 800 mA current. You can drive 2 XL Motors or 4 Medium motors together. If you exceed the maximum current the overload protection will kick in. You should then disconnect everything from the box and turn it off for a while before turning the power back on again.

To turn the battery box ON, press the green button. The green indicator LED will now be lid. To turn the battery box OFF, press the green button again. If you leave the battery box ON, it will automatically turn OFF after 2 hours.

If you press and hold down the green button for more than 3 seconds the green light will blink to indicate that auto turn OFF is disabled. This means that a motor will run until the batteries are empty. To enable again turn the AAA Battery Box OFF and ON again.

You can connect any combination of LPF elements to the plug and then use the Control switch to operate the function connected.

The AAA Battery box has tube building interface underneath and studs at the top. The size and building interface exactly the same as the Rechargeable Battery Box. The size is 4 x 8 x 4 modules.

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Marque LEGO
Age 7+
# Pièces 1
Piles 1,5 V LR03 AAA (6x) (Excl.)

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